4 Week Fat Burning Program
4 Week Fat Burning Program
4 Week Fat Burning Program

4 Week Fat Burning Program

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 *If you have questions before purchase please email me but please keep emails 2-4 sentences or shorter! Michellemcd543business@yahoo.com

This is a 4-week high intensity cardio and weight training program with 5 different exercise routines which require a gym. All exercises have illustrations for your convenience.  After purchase the program is sent immediately to your email, please be aware there are not returns. Please send me an email for any questions you have, I would be happy to help. Below are a few of many questions answered in the program. Michellemcd543business@yahoo.com


  • If my goal is to lose body fat should I only do cardio and skip the weights?
  • If My Goal is to Gain Muscle Should I Skip Out on The Cardio?
  • What is the best time to work out?
  • What If My Gym Doesn’t have a machine?
  • I’m obese to Morbidly Obese, How Should I change the Program?
  • How Many Calories Should I eat?
  • Should I Count Macros?
  • What If I’m STARVING?
  • How Much ADDED Sugar Should I eat?

Also included?

  • 9 Easy Meals
  • Grocery List
  • Simple Meal Plan

Your Workout Program Looks Like this.

Monday: Heavy legs and glute day with a small Abdominal Routine

Tuesday: Shoulders/Chest

Wednesday: Plyometrics/Abdominals

Thursday:  Back/Arms/Shoulders

Friday: High Rep Leg Day with Small Ab Routine


Before starting any type of new physical activity it is suggested that any individual consult their personal physician to find out if they are able to participate. By purchasing this subscription the individual agrees to waives all responsibility from Michelle McDaniel if any subsidiaries for any physical injury that could occur.