Obese Fat Burning Program

Obese Fat Burning Program

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This program is specialized for obese individuals looking for a safe way to get their body moving and lose weight. The program is separated in 3 different levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

Beginner- Can be done at home or the gym. You will need 5lb ankle weights and 5-15lb dumbbell set. It's a 3 day a week, low impact workout that will last 30-40 minutes. 


Intermediate- You will need a GYM! If you are someone who is obese but have been going to a gym for a little bit this program will be great for you. It's a 4 day a week program that will safely challenge you.


Advanced- This is the last level of this program and just like the intermediate routine you will need a gym. This is for obese individuals who have been working out for a while, used to pushing themselves and want a challenge. This is a 5 day a week program where you WILL sweat! If you are ready for the last level of my obese workout routines purchase the advance and kill it in the gym. 


The PDF of the routine will be sent to the email you provide during check out, so please do not put your number. I need you to insert your email to get the program to you. :D


there are no refunds for any programs.


Before starting any type of new physical activity it is suggested that any individual consult their personal physician to find out if they are able to participate. By purchasing this subscription the individual agrees to waives all responsibility from Michelle McDaniel if any subsidiaries for any physical injury that could occur.


These programs do not include pictures or videos, All exercises are easily searchable on google. If you have any questions please email me I will send you over examples.  If you need help with form i suggest my group program where we go over form and the workout program has images.