Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

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If you're looking for a program to follow but stay accountable this is the program for you.

What You Receive 

* Monthly workout  program for the gym

* My phone number to contact any time

* Required daily check ins, now keep in mind I'm not a babysitter, I work with mainly adults and expect you to take the time to contact me at night and just give me a run down of how your day went. Honestly, I like it more when my new clients text me throughout the day! This keeps you guys in check and consistent which is what you need to get to your goal.


* Nutrition Program

*Skype Sessions where you take me to your kitchen, show me all your meals and food. Skype sessions are great for  any workout/exercise questions that are hard to answer over text.

I want you guys to be successful, if you want to be my client please take advantage of checking in with me, ALL my clients that check in stick to the program and get results because of the consistency,   

* 3 month Commitment  (100$ per month)

*Payments are always made before I start working on your program