12 Week Fat Burning Program and Lifetime Facebook Support Group
12 Week Fat Burning Program and Lifetime Facebook Support Group
12 Week Fat Burning Program and Lifetime Facebook Support Group

12 Week Fat Burning Program and Lifetime Facebook Support Group

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*After purchase please read your automatic download pdf on how to get access to the group**
*If you have questions before purchase WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST
If you still have questions please email me but please keep emails 2-4 sentences or shorter! Michellemcd543business@yahoo.com
This is a LIFE TIME  support group for anyone looking to change their body, lose weight, gain muscle, have a positive group and or get into a routine to help them stay consistent even when you finish workout programs. With this program you will receive the following:
  1.  12 week Gym program with images of the exercises
  2.  Video walk through of the 12 week Gym program which are found and easily searchable in the group.
  3. 5, follow along at home workout videos, I also add new video to help from keeping the workout from getting stale and boring. 
  4. Nutrition Program
  5. High Protein Vegan Recipes
  6. Constantly added workout PDF'S (Including 2 at home workout programs and my fat burner program)
  7. Question and answers
  8. Discussions
  9. Life Time Support Facebook Group

                                                   Life Time Support group


     I am very active in the support group, members are able to post their meals, workouts, videos of them asking about form etc. People who post regularly will see that the support is amazing, not everything is about physical strength and weigh loss some times people post about mental health and the group will offer their support.

     I also post daily check ins where members can post their food journal in the comments to hold themselves accountable. So far everyone has been very friendly, helpful and nice. We do not promote waist trainers, detox teas or any type of extreme diet trends. But members can also do what they want, although,  I am in the comment section telling them that those tactics are not needed. 



What's Included in the PDF?
The pdf is 70-80 pages depending on which program you choose and covers the following:
  • How to get added to the secret Facebook group
  • Take Your Measurements, Pictures and Tracking Calendar
  • How Many Calories Should I eat?
  • Should I count macros?
  • Helpful Kitchen Equipment
  • EXAMPLE Grocery List
  • EXAMPLE Meal Plan
  • Simple Recipes
  • How To Find Workout Videos in the Group
  • How To Find The other Gym Programs in the Group
  • FitBit Watch
  • Group Challenges
  • Daily Check ins
  • Helpful Tips
  • Extra Workouts and Helpful PDF’s
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if I want to Gain Muscle? Or What if I want to lose body fat?
  • What is the best time to work out? Should I do fasted cardio?
  • III.         How much weight should I lift?
  • What if my gym doesn’t have a machine?
  • I’m obese to morbidly obese how should I change the program
  • What if I can’t perform an exercise?
  • VII. Why Am I So Hungry on My Period?
  • Your New Workout Program


Before starting any type of new physical activity it is suggested that any individual consult their personal physician to find out if they are able to participate. By purchasing this subscription the individual agrees to waives all responsibility from Michelle McDaniel if any subsidiaries for any physical injury that could occur.


Since this is an automatic download that gets sent to you right after you purchase there are NO refunds for any of my programs. Please email me first if you have any questions before you buy and I will let you know if the group will be beneficial for you! Michellemcd543business@yahoo.com